Test on 3000+ real iOS and Android devices

Test your native and hybrid apps on a wide range of physical mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, Nexus, etc. Check out our complete list of devices.

Get your test suites up and running in minutes

Experience lightning fast integration for your test suites using BrowserStack SDK.

Zero Code Changes Needed

BrowserStack is the only solution to work out-of-the-box with your existing scripts

Get Started in 3 Steps

Simply install our SDK, setup a YAML file, and trigger your tests as usual!

Advanced Features Made Easy

Features like Parallel Orchestration, Local Testing and more are now a breeze to use!

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We have got you covered with the extensive language support

Test App Frontend Performance

Gain complete visibility into all the indicators for app’s frontend performance to help you deliver exceptional user experiences.

App Profiling

Track metrics such as FPS, ANR rate, App & page loading times, device resource usage, network I/O & more.

Performance Dashboard

Generate performance report and pinpoint hotspots using video logs and correlated metric graphs.


Get all app performance details and debugging information for each test session via REST API.

Test dev environments

Hassle-free testing on your internal staging environment through BrowserStack Local binary which establishes a secure connection to the BrowserStack cloud.

App Automate - Test development environments

Gestures and interactions

Easily automate all the gestures and touch actions on our remote devices, including tap, swipe, scroll and more.

App automate gestures

Debug and fix bugs instantly

Seamlessly collaborate and debug with a range of logging tools including selenium and telemetry logs for unlimited users from your org

Console Logs

Device Logs

Access native Device logs for every session.

Text Logs

Text Logs

Appium Text Logs with timestamps.

Video Recordings

Video Recordings

Record the entire testing session.



Appium screenshots with timestamps.


Get detailed record of your Appium test session.

Terminal logs

Upload and view your Appium terminal logs using REST API.

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Speed up your test runs

Ship quality releases, faster. Reduce build times by more than 10x through parallel test execution on BrowserStack cloud. Learn more.

Speed up your test runs

Uncompromising security

Security is a primary focus, and our policies are constantly upgraded. All builds are stored on our secured servers. Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical mobile devices, wiped clean of data after every session. We are Service Organisation Control (SOC) 2 compliant.
Learn more about our security policies.

uncompromising security