Test localhost, staging &
pre-production websites

Securely test websites hosted on localhost, staging & private environments to ensure bug free experience for your users. No setup hassles—test behind firewalls, proxies, or internal networks.

Hassle-free setup with BrowserStack Local App

With Local App, accessing and testing locally hosted websites & web apps becomes absolutely effortless on the BrowserStack infrastructure.

Test websites behind proxy, firewalls, or VPNs

Securely test your local website hosted behind various network
configurations, including proxies, firewalls, or VPNs.

Test local websites using Self-Signed Certificates

In a single click, test websites using self-signed certificates for features that are only available in secure contexts, such as Storage API, Web Authentication API, among others.

Advanced configurations for tailored testing

From custom proxy configurations to selecting host allowances, achieve unparalleled control. Explore folder testing & collaborative tunnel sharing for local testing.

Test directly from your VS Code environment

Test your local websites directly from the VS Code environment. Skip tunnel setups & save time with live reload functionality, ensuring smooth iterations & debugging.

Ship bug-free web apps & websites

Run your first test now!