BrowserStack Announces its Open Source Program to Drive Community Innovation

Free Testing on Real Device Cloud Now Available for Open Source Projects, including jQuery and AngularJS

SAN FRANCISCO – June 13, 2018 — BrowserStack, the most reliable web and mobile app testing platform on the market, today announced its enhanced open source program, offering free testing of open source software on the BrowserStack Real Device Cloud. BrowserStack is doubling down on its support for open source projects with full and unlimited access to the BrowserStack platform and its capabilities. The goal is to empower open source developers with the tools and infrastructure necessary to test with speed, accuracy and scale.

“BrowserStack is committed to strengthening our ties with the open source community and is dedicated to giving back to the developers that rely on open source projects,” said Ritesh Arora, co-founder and CEO of BrowserStack. “The open source community remains an important wellspring of some of the most innovative ideas impacting software development. We believe that, through access to powerful tools like BrowserStack, more open source projects can come to fruition and succeed.”

BrowserStack has supported thousands of open source projects, sponsors groundbreaking projects like Selenium (through Software Freedom Conservatory) and jQuery (through the JS Foundation), and is relied upon by top technology companies such as Mozilla and Google for in-house open source projects. All types of open source projects—including web frameworks, web libraries, web applications, mobile apps and more— leverage BrowserStack for their testing needs every day.

BrowserStack envisions a world in which all software is thoroughly tested and every developer can deliver amazing user experiences. The launch of an enhanced program for open source developers is a strategic step towards fulfilling that vision and furthering BrowserStack’s position as the world’s most trusted testing infrastructure.

Through BrowserStack’s enhanced open source program, developers can test and debug code earlier in the development cycle and ship releases faster with the confidence that their websites and apps will work seamlessly across every user interface. Results include bug-free releases and higher quality software, leading to higher rates of adoption and ultimately a better customer experience. Using BrowserStack, developers can focus on innovation and building better software, rather than maintaining cumbersome and costly in-house device labs.

New features of BrowserStack’s open source program include:

  • Access to All Products. Get free, unlimited access to all BrowserStack products by default: Live, Automate, App Live, Screenshots and App Automate, a newly launched solution for automated testing of mobile apps.
  • More Users and Parallels. Speed up testing by inviting more project contributors and running more concurrent manual and automated tests. User and parallel limits are increased to five.
  • Real Device Testing. Leverage the full scale of BrowserStack’s cloud of 2,000+ real iOS and Android devices, and achieve more accurate testing results by testing on real devices instead of emulators.
  • Lifetime Access. Test continuously for the duration of your project.

BrowserStack Open Source Program in Action:

Zurb Foundation (27,036 GitHub Stars)

Zurb Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, providing complete, customizable components to developers. The Zurb Foundation uses BrowserStack across 18 browser versions to support both manual and automated testing to ensure quality before every release. BrowserStack helps Zurb Foundation run continuous testing across all of its supported browsers.

Discourse (25,030 GitHub Stars)

Discourse is an open source forum and community discussion platform that has been used to create more than 3.3 million posts and serve 245 million page views over the last 30 days. Discourse is a fully remote team, with hundreds of contributors, and uses BrowserStack to track down hard-to-find issues that apply only to certain OS and browser combinations. With BrowserStack, it is able to quickly test without the need for VMs or outside devices, without ever leaving the browser.

Video.js (21,177 GitHub Stars)

Video.js is an extensible JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video. The Video.js project uses BrowserStack for manual testing with Travis Continuous Integration for running tests via the Karma test runner. Tests are run over a wide variety of browsers (particularly older browsers) and BrowserStack has helped with bug prevention prior to release.

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