Screen Reader Testing

Get first-hand user experience by running Screen Reader Accessibility Tests on real devices using BrowserStack Screen Readers
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Test Screen Reading Accessibility with Screen Readers

Check Screen Reader Accessibility of your website on real devices and understand the accessibility issues from your users’ perspective by using BrowserStack Screen Readers.

Screen Reader Testing on Real Devices

How does Screen Reader Accessibility Testing Tool work

BrowserStack Accessibility Testing is an integrated platform that checks Screen Reading integration for your website using Screen Readers. Screen Reader Accessibility

  1. Launch Accessibility Toolkit
  2. In the Screen Reader tile, click Select browser.
  3. Select the operating system and browser combination. The screen reader test session starts.
  4. In the Screen Reader menu option, select the Enable ScreenReader checkbox and begin testing.

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Beyond WCAG Compliance

You can ensure accessibility beyond WCAG Compliance with Screen Readers. It helps web accessibility for vision impaired users.

Screen Readers for Windows

NVDA accounts for over 30% of global screen reader usage. Perform NVDA Testing to provide your customers with a truly accessible web experience.

Test any workflow in a single scan

Screen Readers for Mac

Test your websites with built-in VoiceOver screen reader on real macOS devices. Access advanced VoiceOver Utility settings for enhanced screen reader testing.

Screen Readers for Android

Deliver a seamless, eyes-free control experience for your users on Android mobile devices as you test with the built-in TalkBack screen readers.

Enhanced Debugging with Real Devices

Effectively identify and debug Screen Reading issues in your website by Screen Reader Accessibility Testing on real desktop and mobile devices.

Website Scanner for monitoring

Get first-hand user experience

Ensure inclusivity for all by stepping into your users’ shoes as you test with VoiceOver, NVDA, and TalkBack on real desktop & mobile devices.

Test Screen Readers using BrowserStack Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

BrowserStack Screen Reader allows you screen reader testing on real devices, where the devices are hosted on its real device cloud. This ensures real user experience and better accuracy during testing.

Screen Reading is an assistive technology that allows visual impaired users to access content on electronic devices. 

Screen Reader Accessibility Testing helps you ensure that your website is accessible to visually impaired users who access content using screen reading assistive technology. You can enhance all-inclusivity and test for the user experience of visually impaired users.

BrowserStack Screen Reader allows you to check screen reader accessibility by simply selecting operating system and browser combination. Click on Enable ScreenReader checkbox and begin testing.

Need Screen Reader Testing for your website?

Check Screen Reader Accessibility of your website by running Screen Reader Tests on Accessibility Testing Tool and check website's compatibility with Screen Readers