cross browser testing platform

Test on 3500+ real desktop & mobile browser combinations, constantly updated & instantly available! With real-time debugging, local environment testing, real device features & more, you test complete.

Real Device Cloud

Instant access to real mobile & desktop devices hosted on 19 global DCs. No setup or maintenance.

End-to-end testing features

Test local or staging sites, debug in real-time, test on multiple devices simultaneously & more.

Real device features

Test complex workflows including payment, file upload/download, OTP-authentication, location & more.

3500+ real desktop & mobile browser combinations

Test on the widest range of desktop & mobile devices in our real device cloud. We setup, procure, & maintain the cloud so that you can focus only on testing.

Windows and macOS
Windows and macOS

One-click access to all macOS & Windows versions. From Snow Leopard to Sonoma & Windows XP to 11. We’ve got you covered.

Real Android & iOS devices
Real Android & iOS devices

Test across real iPhone, iPads, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Vivo and Samsung phones & tabs.

Every browser, all versions

Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE & Yandex—constantly updated &
instantly available.

No setup & maintenance

Instantly access 20,000+ real devices. Experience zero setup or maintenance hassles, and focus only on testing.

Day 0 device availability
Day 0 device availability

Test on real devices as soon as they are launched in the market. Say goodbye to device procurement hassles.


Pristine real devices, factory reset after each use, and secure storage
with limited authorized access.

Test localhost, staging & pre-production websites

Test websites hosted on localhost, staging & private environments for a bug free experience.
No setup hassles—test behind firewalls, proxies, or internal networks.

Debug on real mobile & desktop devices with DevTools

Debug your websites & web apps on real Android, iOS, and desktop devices with DevTools.
Uncover issues with element inspection, monitor network requests, & make real-time changes.

Test complex workflows on real devices

Access features for payments testing, file upload/download, OTP-test cases, audio injection, and many more to ensure end-to-end testing.

Media Injection
Media injection

Test camera & microphone based workflows as well as uploading & downloading of files b/w your web app & device natively.

Payment & Security Workflows
Payment & security workflows

Test payment workflows using Google & Apple Pay as a payment method for secure & functional transactions.

Physical SIM
Physical SIM

Test workflows for password reset, OTP-based authentication, and responses to SIM-based interruptions.

Location & Device Settings
Location & device settings

Test use cases like custom device time, timezone, and location-based scenarios for 100+ countries across the globe.

Accessibility Testing

Test WCAG compliance with features like screen reader, dark mode, device orientation, and more.

Advanced Features
Advanced features

Test performance in network profiles like 2G,3G, etc & interact using natural gestures like tap & scroll during testing.

Accelerate manual testing with Multi-Device Testing

Test your web apps & websites on two desktop or mobile devices simultaneously. Save hours of testing effort and ship bug-free web apps, faster.

Report bugs & capture all metadata while testing

Utilize integration with top tools like Jira, Slack, etc. Annotate screenshots & capture detailed test session recordings for simplified bug reporting.


Seamlessly log bugs into your reporting tool, be it Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello, Slack or Github.

Screenshot annotations
Screenshot annotations

Annotate screenshots to highlight exact issues using Live annotation toolbar.


Log a new bug or modify existing ones with attributes like issue type, device details, etc.

Natural gestures and interactions

Interact with the remote mobile device, just as you would with a device in hand. Tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more.

Test performance in real-world network conditions

Test your website behavior in different network conditions by simulating a range of network profiles, running on real mobile devices.

Offline Mode

Test functionality and response to no internet conditions by simulating offline mode.

Edge, 2G, 3G & 4G

Test response to real-world network conditions by simulating Edge, 2G, 3G & 4G network.

Custom profile
Custom Profile

Create a custom profile to test at desired download & upload speed, loss, & latency.

Customize device settings as per your testing needs

Adjust device time, timezone, and settings such as Safari pop-ups and cross-site tracking prevention based on your preferences.

Safari Settings

Manage pop-ups & enable or disable cross-site tracking while using Safari browser on
mobile devices.

Dark mode
Dark Mode

Test your website UI in Dark mode to ensure better viewing in low-light conditions on both iOS & Android devices.

Time Settings
Time Settings

Test time-specific scenarios by setting your device time or using the timezone feature on real mobile devices.

Utilize test analytics for actionable insights

View your test session history and test insights to keep track of completed tests, coverage, and frequency and gain actionable insights to improve testing efficiency.

Take your manual testing productivity to the next level

Experience efficient manual testing by swiftly launching sessions, recording tests, URL Bookmarks, and more.

Quick Launch Extension

Access frequently used device-browser combinations & reduce the time spent on switching between different combinations.

Record test session
Record test session

Capture video recording of your test session to reproduce bugs for future reference & collaboration.

Integration URL
Integration URL

Access Live sessions directly via URL, without having to select a device or browser on the Live dashboard.

Set idle session timeout
Set idle session timeout

Determine the duration your Live test session can stay idle without any activity, before the session ends.

Schedule UI monitoring
Schedule UI Monitoring

Schedule automated or periodic monitoring for your websites and web apps for visual regressions.

URL Bookmarks
URL Bookmarks

Run your test sessions on your frequently-tested webpages in a single click on Live dashboard.

Ship bug-free web apps & websites

Run your first test now!